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Queensland Crime Statistics

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Toowoomba is part of Queensland's Southern Region.
The chart below show the crime statistics of Toowoomba (2010-2011 financial year, per 100,000 population).

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1. Offences Against Person
a. Assault
b. Homicide
c. Kidnapping and Abduction
d. Life Endangering Acts
e. Robbery
f. Sexual Offences
g. Stalking

2. Offences Against Property
a. Handling Stolen Goods
b. Shop Stealing
c. Stealing from Dwellings
d. Unlawful Entry
e. Unlawful Use of Motor Vehicle
f. Vehicles (steal from or enter with intent)
g. Arson
h. Fraud

3. Other Offences
a. Breach Domestic Violence Protection Order
b. Disqualified Driving
c. Drink Driving
d. Drug Offences
e. Fare Evasion
f. Prostitution Offences
g. Public Nuisance
h. Resist Incite Hinder Obstruct
i. Trespassing and Vagrancy
j. Weapons Act Offences

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All Queensland Police Service crime statistics are derived from the data contained in official crime reports.

For the purposes of this Annual Statistical Review, the reference period is the financial year, 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011.

The population data used to calculate the number of victims and offenders by age and sex per 100,000 population was taken from Population by Age and Sex, Australian States

Due to space limitation, not all crime categories are displayed on this website.