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Abingdon Downs, QLD 4871

Suburb Demographics (Census 2006)

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Suburb name(s)Southedge, Bellenden Ker, Julatten, Green Island, Claraville, Mount Molloy, Camp Creek, Sandy Pocket, Mount Carbine, Einasleigh, Mena Creek, Aurukun, Lizard, Boogan, Fishery Falls, Coen, Lakefield, Cowley Creek, Yarraden, Laura, Highbury, Red River, Waugh Pocket, Lyndhurst, Karron, Miriwinni, Pormpuraaw, Desailly, Warrubullen, Petford, Portland Roads, Aloomba, Palmer, Almaden, Hurricane, Groganville, Springfield, East Creek, Stockton, Thornborough, Amber, Lockhart, Forsayth, South Wellesley Islands, Germantown, Blackbull, Wrotham, Lyndside, Bolwarra, Glen Boughton, Mornington Island, Basilisk, Talaroo, Bulleringa, Croydon, Wangan, Bellevue, Fitzroy Island, Ravensworth, West Wellesley Islands, Mount Mulligan, Yagoonya, Northhead, Moresby, Yarrabah, Strathmore, Fossilbrook, Abingdon Downs, Maramie, Mount Surprise, Staaten, Lower Cowley, Chillagoe, Gamboola, Macalister Range, Woopen Creek, Holroyd River, Mount Mulgrave, Crystalbrook, Nychum, Arbouin, Cowley Beach, Dixie, Currajah, Utchee Creek, Edward River, Kowanyama, Rookwood, Bombeeta, Coralie, Conjuboy, Gilbert River, Archer River, Lakeland Downs, East Trinity, Cowley, Lakeland, Wellesley Islands, Bramston Beach, Esmeralda, Kurrimine Beach, Deeral, Georgetown
Population size in 200616346
Born in Australia (%)88.06%
Born Overseas - Top 5 (%)
1. Country of birth not stated (5.37%)Born Overseas - Top 5 (%)
2. United Kingdom (1.58%)
3. New Zealand (1.08%)
4. Born elsewhere (0.88%)
5. Italy (0.73%)
Age Median of People34
Age Statistics (%)
1. 0 - 4 Years (8.91%)Age Statistics (%)
2. 5 - 19 Years (23.91%)
3. 20 - 39 Years (26.37%)
4. 40 - 59 Years (27.58%)
5. 60 Years and over (13.22%)
Family Statistics (%)
1. Married in a Registered Marriage (37.6%)Family Statistics (%)
2. Married in a De Facto marriage (19.19%)
3. Not Married (43.21%)
Occupation - Top 5 (%)
1. Labourers (28.55%)Occupation - Top 5 (%)
2. Managers (18.13%)
3. Technicians & trades workers (11.44%)
4. Community & personal service workers (9.91%)
5. Professionals (9.37%)
Highest Year of School Completed
Year 12 or equivalent2923
Year 11 or equivalent1116
Year 10 or equivalent4007
Year 9 or equivalent1214
Year 8 or below1757
Type of Dwelling - Top 3
Separate house4154
Other dwelling : Caravan, cabin, houseboat204
Semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse etc. with One storey140
Nature of Property Occupancy
Fully Owned1572
Being Purchased822
Income ($/weekly)
Individual Income$310
Family Income$826
Median Housing Loan Repayment ($/monthly)$997
Median Rent ($/weekly)$50


The demographics information are compiled from a variety of sources including the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2006 Census). Copyright in ABS Data resides with Commonwealth of Australia. Used with permission.