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Welcome to Morven(2370)

  • Local Government Area (LGA): City of Glen Innes Severn Council
  • Distance from Sydney CBD: 508km (316 miles)
  • Approximate size for this postcode: 4270.7 kmĀ²
  • Surrounding suburbs: Deepwater(2371), Capoompeta(2371)
  • Other suburbs with same post code: Bald Nob, Diehard, Dundee, Furracabad, Gibraltar Range, Glen Elgin, Glen Innes, Kingsgate, Kookabookra, Lambs Valley, Matheson, Moggs Swamp, Moogem, Newton Boyd, Pinkett, Rangers Valley, Red Range, Reddestone, Shannon Vale, Stonehenge, Swan Vale, Wellingrove, Yarrowford
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The demographics information are compiled from a variety of sources including the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2011 Census). Copyright in ABS Data resides with Commonwealth of Australia. Used with permission.